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Retro Movies Night

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Everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce my Top 35 movies of all time. Movies have brought
me so many laughs, screams, tears ,and energy. I have literally left a theatre jumping over
things in my way, swinging around poles, throwing full on assault kicks and punches into the air,
filled with electricity coursing thru my veins and that’s because the director/actors and everyone
involved in making the magic bring something that has a little magic in it.

Undeniably there is a dark cloud that is cast over the world of Hollywood entertainment from a
large group of people that were with in the entertainment group, and some still are, that felt
because of the music, or films, or shows that its ok to inflict your will over someone young or
is looking for opportunity, I am still working on having the stage area and area in behind it
become a place where culturally we can converse on these subjects and others of interest.

I believe that what happens in TV and in shows can change a life, inspire a group of people,
inspire a generation of people, it can also make you feel a range of emotion that range from
elation to devastating. It can take you to places that our out of this world and remind you of
the harsh realities of life, and show you that there truly is no end to imagination.

Movies and TV series can literally help you get over a break up, be your friend for a duration
of time, cause Magical Dreams, and Scary Nightmares.

They are a place and a time where your mind gets taken away and you can choose to be the
character and see through the eyes of the director or you can choose where you want your
imagination to discover and allow the perspective your feeling be defining. Either way the
goal is to tell you some kind of a story and let the beauty and Art of the story tellers come to
life, Therefore Art mimicking life and life mimicking Art. To me and i have never looked up the
definition of the meaning of Art so i wont and i will just tell you what i think it is and to me it is
an emotion that you transform into a sense that translates to an emotion, So in other words it
is a feeling that someone has that they transform into something someone can taste, smell,
see, hear, or touch, and that sense or senses translate to the person who uses there sense
or senses once it is subject.

Now I watch movies more regularly than most people but at the time, I had already watched
so many different genres and from one end of the spectrum maybe to another.

So what I did was watch even more. The period of time I’m gonna say 2005 when i lifted my
head up from 20 years of being a superfan. The stunning Visuals, the lights crew, the sound
crew, editing, costume and wardrobe, hair and makeup everyone has a part in the magic of
film production. That is how CAMM just may have come to be Canadians Are Making Magic.

So getting back to that dark cloud that hovers over an industry that has brought more joy
than Santa Claus in fact didn’t they really bring Santa Clause, Thanks Tim. So how can an
industry that has brought Art in the boat loads translating into emotion good, bad and ugly,
be so ugly, I suppose for multiple reasons and these are just my opinions, i would think one
of the biggest reasons is where the Lion lives is where you’ll see the bones of its prey, that
Lion is Ego and there was certainly the victims of where they were found the remains of
victims there is usually Ego’s lurking not far.

The next belief I have is the use of substances. Now let’s face it, life can have ups and
downs, but there is no tough where there is ever an excuse to impose your will over a non
consensual minor. The extent of this kind of behavior and some of the intense severity is
something that would obviously affect someone their whole life like my boy Corey Haim
(RIP). Hundreds of young girls and boys our daughters and sons come on like fuck.

So never to forget or let it lay rest but to finish this for now and let the Art be the test. Doing
drugs and going to the edge is one thing for sure, open your mind and let a bigger picture in
to draw more Art and see other perspectives, but for the sake of all right beware of what
goes in cause there’s always the risk of letting demons in or a perversion you can’t shake.
Then add in money and power its like mixing strange colors you wont what you get until its to
late and you’ve become the villains we hate when we watch the Art you create.

With regards to trying to keep out the films and Tv shows that have had so many victims and
predators too, I’ll leave out a few but let’s face it its true, this list would dissipate.

So it is of my opinion that we leave the Art separate, its the worlds collection and the Art isn’t
tainted only the vessel in which the Art may be delivered and at CAMM ROYAL we have it,
we respect it, and we love it, but we also believe its time for a new generation starting new
and with renewed hope and ideas, so lets do it Canada lets let originals like Scarface, and
the Cinderella Man, maybe Indiana Jones, Dragons, Inspire from the past so here in the
present creation can bring us in to the future.

Today I will announce last weeks 5 picks and this week ending 5 picks. When we reach the top five,
everyone will be given 1 shot to successfully guess all 5 of my top 5 in order
The winner will receive a 1000.00 Gift certificate for in store use.

March 10th to 17th, #35 to 30#

35 Donnie Brasco
#34 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
#33 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
#32 Rocky III
#31 Braveheart
#30 The Return of the Black Stallion

#29 to 25

#29 Legends of the Fall
#28 Bridesmaids
#27 Never Ending Story
#26 Remember the Titans
#25 The Hang Over

Stay tunned next week when I add # 24-20

Until then, see you Wednesday for this weeks movie.


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