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Hi everyone,

I truly hope everyone is having a good time preparing for the holiday season and having good health.

I believe in the importance of understanding each year, what we have learned, and how we can get better at reaching our goals and becoming who we want to be.

Trials and tribulations are the basis of this experiment we call life. Some people in this life obtain more materials, and some have more experience. Some of us receive lots of Love and give lots in return, some are less fortunate and have to face many more obstacles, and some have the opportunity to avoid many, but in some way or another, we are all blessed.

I believe in remembering that we are all bound by the opportunities we receive, to show how we are unique, what we believe in, and how we can contribute to humanity, our world and the society we live in respectively.

I believe in pooling resources and using our capabilities to give everyone an opportunity to find their genius.

It is always important to remember that everything that happens may not be our fault, but it is OUR responsibility to our world, to our society, to our country, to our families, and to ourselves to make the change for the better.

I have been down many roads, and I have been humbled by the selflessness of some, angered by the selfishness of myself and others, experienced moments of extreme love and joy, and felt pain and sadness I don’t wish upon anyone.

The question is, where do we go from here?

I suggest that we start from the beginning, we start with the ideology and ideas that were the picture for Canada.
A Canada Our forefathers and the great women of this Country envisioned for the people and children of this large and beautiful land.

I believe the world in its entirety will benefit from the example we can set and the way we can grow and evolve even after the wrong roads we may have taken.

We are not all born of equal proportion or capabilities but we all have something we can contribute, that is why I believe in pooling our resources for the greater good and enabling the freedoms of people and their rights, Everyone should be given opportunity without the cuffs of fascism or abuse.

The ones who deserve the most will receive the most, but the point is it’s nobody’s decision on who that may be.

We need to stop and investigate as a country and as a society the acceptance of the easier road which only ends with larger potholes by allowing pharmaceutical products and other products that could cause harm imposed or given or sold to destroy and blur our Vision and our hearts of good, and who we are, and what we want for our families, not because we don’t believe in the people that believe in them or the field we know takes immense sacrifice but because we as a people will stand together to protect ourselves against corruption.

We only learn from the experiences we’ve had and the people and Canadians we’ve had the privilege to know and to learn from.

I am here today to say I still believe and believe with all my heart that we are great people, in a great country, and we are built on the foundation that diversity, equality, and family values are the driving force from which our strength comes.

There are no Moments of Glory without Sacrifice.

In return for your support, the company will strive to maintain ethical values without corruption. We will do what we say and as Canada grows for a better future, we will support Canada and our people.

Worldwide shipping costs are the highest ever and there is no time like now for Canadians to step up and collaborate our capabilities and resources to create and sustain a society that leads by example and utilizes the mass amount of privilege we are afforded and blessed to have.

CAAM will use every market available from BC to the Maritimes and international alike to build this Company to achieve the vision and facilities of what we want to contribute and share because we believe in our values and in ourselves and our fellow Canadians.

The goal is to become 100% Canadian and to sell and create Canadian products ourselves with our quality and ideals in mind.

For every Canadian product that can supply and manufacture a product that we can sell at a margin, it does not need to be a large margin but can contribute to our growth, we will discontinue an imported product.

We are proud to present our platform, our partner company, and a dream of ours for you to dream and for us to work together to reach all of our Dreams.

We are proud of our restaurant, and the Olive Oil and Balsamic we retail, and very proud to introduce our new Apparel Line with the vision to pursue its manufacturing from the highest quality materials at a fair and reasonable cost.

We are excited about a product that has been created in our Minds and will be brought to fruition with the edition of our 3D printer that will have hot and cold culinary applications. We are very close to revealing.

We strive to continue to source and reach the utmost quality while maintaining the best price.

We are and will be working on ideas and strategies that can propel us with the trajectory we need to grow and continue to reach our goals.

With the addition of our Apparel line and other clothing we are passionate about, we are ready and set to go with the faculties to produce custom clothing for all occasions right here in Niagara Falls, Canada. [email protected] is the contact and our contracted CEO of Design. (Subject: Custom CAAM)

This is and will be, a journey, a process we are learning.

Please, in support of us, understand we will improve and grow each step of the way, and that is our relentless goal and promise.

We are your Brothers and Sisters, your neighbours and your friends, so we will do our best.

Currently, we only manufacture a small amount of the products we carry and retail but we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of the products we sell/retail for 30 days.

Canadians Are Making Magic

Make sure to keep coming back in support and with our support.

We only have 270 of the 500+ items we have in stock at this time as the process begins today, right now, however you can rest assured we will continue to forge forward in pursuit of excellence and the best Canada we can be together.

Thank you so much

I want to thank everyone who believes in themselves and the ones who have and do believe in me.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and continues to support my family and me.

I want to thank the people who have inspired me and the ones who have given me the opportunity to inspire them.

I want to thank all the people who have been a part of the culmination, which is this dream platform, and only the beginning of what’s to come.

My Daughters, and Daughter Keira, and her family and my extended family, Ashlie Marabella and her 2 wonderful sons.

My Business Partner and Brother Chris Moses and his family.

Chris Hubl and Family, Trevor Brubaker and Family, Ryan McGrath and Family.

All the people at the Danish Canadian Club, Mountain Bistro, Auzuridge, Strewn Winery and OLiV.

Larry Chartier and Family.

All the Reps and Sales people I have worked with in MY industry food and beverage and all industries.

All Canadians share the Dream.

My beautiful Mother, she is more of an inspiration to me than she will ever know.

My Brother and Sisters and their families.

My Father and all my family are from diverse heritage.

My incredible Grandparents, Lovingly known to me as Nanny and Bob.

The new people that have come into my life Beth, Thank you and to the new people that will.

Most of all I want to thank 2 of the greatest people I have known and the ones who have given me the most and left the biggest hole in my heart, but who I will continue to move forward for never Back

the Great Lori and Tineisha

God Rest Your Beautiful Souls.

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